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The Classic Therapy Group prides itself in delivering high quality rehabilitative services and excellent care in Halifax.

More than 28 years of experience;

A team of over 30 Therapists led by Vanita Malhotra, Physiotherapist .

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"A year ago I took a nasty fall and strained the MCL in my right leg. After a couple of months of disappointingly slow recovery I looked to Classic Physiotherapy for treatment. I received weekly house calls from one of their physiotherapists, Rachel, who over two months of treatment assessed my injury, developed a set of stretches and exercises for me and provided acupuncture and ultrasound treatment. Over the course of my treatment my rate of recovery increased noticeably and I've had no issues since. I was very pleased with how therapy went and, should I suffer injury in the future (which I regrettably am likely to, damned klutz that I am), Classic Physiotherapy will be hearing from me again. I would definitely recommend it. "
Thanks again,